Specializing in puns, when I'm not acting as a graduate student I aim to bring quality cross stitch patterns that are modern, funny, and sometimes thought-provoking. Every design available for purchase is test-stitched and adjusted throughout this process to ensure quality. I would not publish a design I would not stitch myself. I hope you enjoy the fruit of these efforts as much as I have enjoyed the process.

My Story

Overwhelmed and occupied with graduate school, I taught myself how to stitch in February 2016. I guess you could say I'm a newcomer to the age-old craft. The first time I stitched I did so for almost 24 consecutive hours. I was hooked, and quickly found a way to express myself in imagery. I could even come out of a Netflix binge with something to hang on my wall, which, as someone who had been occupied with lines in my CV, became incredibly satisfying. 

I soon became bored with the designs that were available and needed to stitch what was in my head. Graph paper became cumbersome; finding the center of the stitch was nigh impossible and did not portray a good size representation. That's when I discovered design software and I've been designing ever since.

Social Media

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see updates, works in progress, and snarky comments. You can also find me on Facebook. I love getting to know other cross stitchers and talking all things crafty, so let's build a crafty community together.