Now and then, I publish patterns that are available for free. Below, you will find an image preview and brief description of each pattern. Although these are all free, please do not redistribute them and please credit the author if you post them. Thank you!

Original Pokemon Red & Blue Sprites Patterns

Join me in my journey to stitch all 150 original Pokemon! Given the volume, patterns are only offered as black and white with symbols, but may be updated later. Be sure to check back regularly for added sprites! This link will bring you to a Dropbox file containing separate documents of the sprites.

Carrie Fisher.jpg

Carrie Fisher Tribute Pattern

When I heard the news of Carrie Fisher's passing, I did what I knew: I designed. I would never want to benefit from her death, so I published this pattern for free, and so it remains. Seeing others stitch this pattern has helped me think about how much Carrie Fisher (and Princess Leia) were role models to grow up when such an influence was lacking.