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May Recap: Projects, Products, and Preoccupations

May Recap: Projects, Products, and Preoccupations

Projects: Things I Stitched

These are the projects I worked on for the month of May.

Finished Projects

I had two major finishes and publications this month. First, I finished my Elizabeth Warren quote. I will likely dedicate a separate post to this pattern's inspiration, but this was a huge finish for me. Not going to lie, I definitely dragged my feet with finishing it so I'm glad it's done! 

I was really excited that I was able to work on a pattern I've been itching to start since January. This pattern, which says "You know what they say, your life is just weeks and then you die," is juxtaposed on my favorite color palette to date. It's just so colorful and cheerful! Not only that, but I got to experiment with a ton of French knots, a stitch I had been afraid to master for quite a long time. It now sits above my desk to remind me to keep working and live for the week, not just the weekend. 

When it comes to the Pokemon Challenge, I finished Charmander this month and boy was he as adorable as I remembered! I also worked on a new pattern, Rationalization in Egypt. As far as pattern publishing goes, that brings me up to 3 this month, a much faster pace than I've been going especially considering that Elizabeth Warren and Your Life is Just Weeks were on the larger side compared to what I've published so far. All in all, I'd call that a success. 

Works in Progress

Ah, the inevitable WIPs. Well... technically I did work on the Phrenology Chart this month. I did very little stitching, and alas, this remains on my WIP pile. I also started test stitching a pattern I've called A Guide to Coffee, an infographic coffee pattern perfect for your coffee corner, kitchen, or cozy little nook! I'm hoping to have this pattern published soon, so stay tuned. I plan on featuring it with a set along with my other coffee pattern. I'm sure this will be part of next month's recap, though.

This brings me up to 3 current WIPs - one more than last month. I've been trying to dwindle down my pile but variety is necessary, right?

Products: Things I Used

This month, I really enjoyed exploring different types of colored Aida! I picked up some lemon, baby pink, seafoam green, and grey Aida to test stitch some patterns on. I'm itching to stitch my Cat Butt patterns on bright yellow - as if it wasn't enough of a smack in the face. I went for a massive DMC thread hall this month (55 skeins in all), which is also very unusual for me. I'm just a few steps closer to finishing up my set.

Preoccupations: Things That Helped and Prevented Me From Stitching

One thing will always make this list every single month: graduate school. This will always bring me away from getting the typical stitching time that I want, but will also provide inspiration behind patterns for me. This month, the semester was wrapping up which meant a lot of meetings, projects, and writing. 

I love to listen to audio books while I stitch. This month, I listened to Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. It's been  a nice change of pace after I finished listening to the Harry Potter series. While it's extremely informative, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for people who are squeamish. 

And that's it! What have you accomplished or started this month? Anything stitchy that you discovered and want to get the word out about? Comment down below to share!

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